BNCP seeks to hire individuals with a demonstrated track record of excellence. The firm has an open, entrepreneurial atmosphere that rewards individual as well as group contribution. Exceptional people have been central to the firm's success and we strive to have the best and brightest personnel in all areas of our organization.

BNCP is an equal opportunity employer and has attracted a diverse group of individuals. The firm is committed to making sure that each of its employees has an opportunity to succeed, regardless of her/his background.

BNCP is aggressively pursuing new investment banking advisory engagements throughout the US and overseas and is seeking world-class individuals to join our team. Candidates come from a wide range of educational backgrounds, including engineering, finance/economics, business, computer science, and mathematics. All successful candidates will possess a track record of academic excellence as well as:

  • Exceptional quantitative and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to work well in a team-oriented environment
  • A strong interest in the financial markets

BNCP is always looking for outstanding individuals, from recent college graduates to experienced professionals. BNCP is actively involved in on-campus recruiting for new grads. Please consult with your school's career center to determine if BNCP is scheduled to visit your campus. For all other applicants, we invite you to take a moment and explore the challenging opportunities that are available at BNCP:

Investment Banking Intern (Part Time – Non Paid) – Job Description